You should post everyday or the Cage Chicken Effect

So today I wanted to talk about-
Wait, what?
I was saying, I wanted to talk about-
Seriously? Another post? One per day? 
Well yeah.
Do you think you’re that interesting that you can post one thing per day?
It’s actually pretty hard.
So why do you do it?
They say that is important to post often.
And who are they?
Well, bloggers. Internet famous people.
I guess they also tell you that pictures generate more clicks.
Right! And Hashtags. Hashtags are all, man.

Oh, I know that face now.
Which one?
It’s the face of disappointment.
You got me.
Why? I mean why are you disappointed?
I thought you wanted to create good things. Useful things. Poetic things. Things people will love.
I do.
Then fuck that.
Don’t post often. Post only when it’s relevant. Post only when you have something to say.
But Seth Godin said,
Fuck Seth Godin.
I’m sorry but that’s bullshit. It’s the microwave food for the new generations. Be connected, always. The guy that send out the most content wins. But what about quality?
What about it?
Exactly! So you think you have a blog with marketing advice, writing advice and shit like that. And you churn out words and hashbrowns-
Hashtags and shit. You write useless posts for useless people. They follow you because you’ll follow back and so. And no one really reads stuff. Like on the Tweeter.
Yeah, what did I say? Twitter. You go there and it’s all vanity shit. I follow you and you follow me. The only important thing is the number of followers, and not who actually gives a shit.
Two days ago you said I needed an audience.
Yeah. I still think you need one. You got good things to say.
You’re welcome.
But then. How do I build one if I don’t play by the rules? If I don’t follow back everyone?
You write good shit. You follow only things that really strikes you. You only talk to people you feel are close to your sensibility. 
I might go days without a post then.
And the matter is?
I mean, people. Content. All the bullshit.
You said it yourself. Fuck the bullshit. People will follow you if you will give them something. 
And what do I give them?
You give them yourself. Even if it’s once per year. It will still be much better than feeding that marketing one-post-per-day-or-week-whatever bullshit. That’s like feeding cage chickens.
I don’t want my readers to be compared to cage chickens.
Then don’t treat them like they are.

3 thoughts on “You should post everyday or the Cage Chicken Effect

  1. I agree with you completely. I despise the mentality of having to post everyday. To me, it’s more than a numbers game. I don’t care how many followers I have if no one is reading what I wrote. And I don’t want someone to follow me simply because I followed them. But if they’re following me because they like what I’m doing, then I know I’m doing something right.

    Keep blogging and posting – but only when you want to!

    Liked by 1 person

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