Letter #14 (or, The obsession rises)


I did paste her resume back together. I discovered her phone number, her email (both saved!) and her physical but temporary address.

And honestly, that was it for a while. After that night and your email, I simply thought it was a coincidence and forgot about it for a while. I didn’t write you because work is getting the life out of me, and I’m back home every night tired as hell.

But, the other night I went out again. I needed to breathe some fresh air, and I just took a stroll by the seaside. It was late – I finished late at work, had dinner, watched a movie, then decided to go out.

It was a lovely night, and the wind was warm and nice and brought with it the smell of the ocean and laughters of someone far away. There were no people on the streets. It was a nice walk.

After a few minutes, I noticed I wasn’t alone. Someone was indeed walking those streets at night with me. I turned and I glimpsed a girl, some hundred meters behind me.

In my normal state of mind I wouldn’t care. It’s a girl, walking. I might actually stop and wait for her, to see if she’s pretty enough, to give adventure a chance! But that’s when my mind decided to remind me that Erika was here, in that same city. And I know I shouldn’t worry, because even if she is here, she doesn’t know me or remember me from my stalking stint – I hope. And her profile is not the one of a serial killer. She made a mistake, a big one, and a very terrible one – but that’s it. She paid for it and she’s out.

All of this works if you have a rational mind. And I do, I swear. But maybe it was the night or the wine I’d drunk that night, and the wind that didn’t carry laughters anymore but kept howling like a wolf; I hastened my pace to match the one of my heart. I was scared of a girl who was probably just simply enjoying her stroll.

Nevertheless, I did notice – or maybe I imagined? That she quickened her stride as well; and me having watched too many Dario Argento’s movies, I did the only thing I thought was sensible.

I hid behind a car, and waited for the girl to pass by.

You might be laughing right now, and that’s what I did. She was a normal girl – pretty as well! I had the perfect icebreaker. Do you enjoy walking on the beach on summer’s nights as well? Damn me.

Misadventures apart, I decided to pay a visit to Erika’s neighbourhood. Maybe check out when she’s around. I also thought of calling her, or sending her a message while pretending I’m looking from someone else.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I’m searching for a hook in her life, and you advised against it.

But I want to be at ease when walking at night. And I cannot shake off the feeling of being watched – too many coincidences, even if it’s my stupid head to connect them.

So I think, if I see her, if I manage to see that she’s a normal girl – and pretty as well! Better than in the mugshot, many times – and not a killer, evil incarnate…I might feel better.

I know you’ll advise against it. You might very well convince me. After all, this job in Sicily is temporary.

My obsession might very well disappear because I’ll leave.

Looking forward to your reply,




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