Letter #15 (or, The Banality of Evil)


yes. You’re being paranoid. But that’s why I like you.

I agree, she looked pretty. I remember when I was a kid and everything happened. She was the perfect girl to receive plenty of letters from crazy admirers in jail. I imagined a future world where she would receive flowers and words of love, and marriage proposals.

Because in a world where superficiality is everywhere and feelings are numbed, even a killer is more appealing than mediocrity.

Why do you think is that so? Is it just morbid interest, is it that we are attracted by the darkness because if there’s darkness in other people, we’re less ashamed of the darkness we carry inside?

Society is not there anymore to act as a community. It is a controller who judges you on your appearance. And in the western world, we hide behind our puritan mask and watch through the keyhole the things that our mind generates – but never dares to share.

I know my words won’t stop you from going after her. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve to say, I’m envious – you’ll have access to her, you’ll be able to talk to her, maybe.

And you’ll tell me if the banality of evil is a common curse.

Talk soon,




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