I’ve been busy.

You’ve been out of town lately.

I know. I just had so much to do.

Like what?

Like, ramping up a full Literary Magazine.

Wow. Seriously?


So you’re on the other side now?

Well, no. Ok, maybe. It’s just, I want good writing to succeed.

Did you reject people already?

Yeah. A lot.

Do you understand rejections better?

No. I am even more pissed off.


Because people submit blindly. I tailor every submission. So when rejecting for Beautiful Losers Magazine, if you submitted blindly, you get a blank rejection. If you took the time to actually care, then even if rejected you’ll get a personal note. I want writers to succeed. If I can make better writing, I will.

So who’s with you?

I’ve Austin and Alfonso, and I’m sure we’re building something great. Recently, we added Drew to the team. So yes, this project is eating up a lot of my literary time.

Cool. What else?

Well, I’ve been published in the Chantwood Magazine Issue #2, and you can also read Yet Another Zombie Apocalypse here. I’m waiting for the Carve Magazine Contest results to be out, and will resume writing Letters soon.

Ok. You’ve been busy indeed.

I told you so.



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