In 50 years you’ll have someone you know living on Mars.

Common sense and people all around me say that, being only 2 days away from my book launch, I should talk about that.

But honestly, all I can think of it’s Elon Musk‘s SpaceX plan for a Multi-planetary humanity, starting with Mars.
I’m actually surprised about the coverage of this. The main media outlets are using headlines like “Elon Musk wants you to pay him to kill you” or things like that. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it’s the same attitude humanity had towards explorers centuries of years ago. But also, I’m bugged by people are asking me, Why should we care about creating a colony on Mars? We should care about Earth first!

And, it’s true. We should care about Earth first. And as a matter of fact, we are. If you look at environmental policies in the 80s – a mere 30+ years ago – they were few and far in between. Global warming was a myth perpetrated by hippies. Oil-based transportation was booming.
Fast forward to present day. Sure, there’s still a lot of shit going on and we’re still killing each other for one or more Gods that so far didn’t show up to care. But we’re getting much better. Green reforms are now part of any politician’s agenda.

Maybe it’s because I have a scientific mind, but I get it when Elon says, We cannot have only Earth. We need a “plan B”, a backup, to keep the light of consciousness shining into the darkness of space.

If something happens tomorrow – if WWIII starts, if some crazy terrorist group releases a bio-weapon, if a star goes nova and the gamma-ray burst is directed exactly at our planet, while you’re having your brunch – well, we have to say bye bye to humanity. Think about it for a second. Isn’t that a horrible thought? I’m not advocating saving humanity for the sake of it – I’m saying, we’re the only place where life as we know it has blossomed, and we need to preserve that life.

Governments are not doing it. People do not think that far usually. But even if we leave everything as it is, and we have a best case scenario where all of humanity is enlightened and there’s no war and no terrorism – even then, the Sun will bloat and eat up our Earth.

Mars is not the destination: Mars is the start for a humanity that breaks the chain of the single planet.

And what excites me is the simplicity with which Elon explains all that. The practical, down-to-earth details he shares. He makes it seem not only possible, he makes it seem inevitable.

Oh, and the best part: the timeframe for the first human on Mars is, by 2025.
Nine years.

I know, you’re laughing. But remember that the famous Kennedy’ speech We choose to go to the Moon was in 1962, and we actually got there in 1969.

Future is a bit closer everyday.


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