2017. Be happy.

2016 has been a good year.

Yeah, I know. Plenty of musicians died. That sucks. But that’s also life, and it’s gonna happen more and more often – 2016 wasn’t special, we just notice it more because we’re one of the first generation that suffers from media over-exposure. So, buckle up, and use the time you have at its best.

I managed to publish my book and bootstrap a Literary Magazine. 2017 has another book in the making (or should I say publishing?) and another one flipping around my head at night which hopefully will see the digital paper by the end of the year.

I might also indulge in a bit of Ego-boosting and start to play music for an audience again.

But the best part of it all? I’m damn happy. And to everyone making a list of new year’s resolutions, I say only: make it one.

Be happy.

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