Live inside our dream [live event]

My friend, poet exquisite Mr. Kevin Bateman, has a knack for gathering together great minds in spiritual places all around my favourite island.

This time, Kevin organised a great event called “Live Inside our Dream” at the Blackrock Castle and observatory, in Cork City, Ireland, and I’ve had the honour of being one of the participants, together with great writers and poets like (in order of appearance) John Mee, John W. Sexton, Danielle McLaughlin, Marie Gethins, and Kevin Doyle.

From left to right: Kevin Doyle, Danielle McLaughlin, Dario Cannizzaro, John Mee, John W. Sexton, Kevin Bateman, Marie Gethins.

I’ve read “The Name of the Rose” upon request of our good Kevin (starting at 16:30 in the video) but my suggestion is, if you have 40 minutes to spare, watch the full event, because in this time and age, having so many great writers all together reading their work is a pearl to be cherished.

Here’s the link to the live Periscope.

Enjoy and happy Sunday!

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