Dead Men Naked is (almost) out.

It’s always hard for me, as an indie author, to advertise myself. I’m usually very vocal about things I do like – books, movies, tech gadgets – and very critical of things I do not like. To me, endorsing something I like comes easy.

But I’m crap at advertising myself. All the shenanigans about “Hey! look at me!” repel me. Of course I think I did a great job! How can you not trust me? I seriously know it. I’ve spent so much time (two years!) writing this novel. Most of my waking time since 2015 has seen my mind working on this book. I woke up at 5am for months to write the first draft. I used many weekends editing and re-editing and re-editing.

I’ve pestered people with talks about religion, philosophy, death – and you don’t want to talk about death usually, do you? – for an incredible amount of time.

I’ve lobbied people into reading first drafts – and we all know how much first drafts suck! – and some people I nagged so much that they read also second and third drafts.

But I didn’t invest just time. I invested hard earned money on this. I had the pleasure to hire a superb developmental editor when I was still unsure if I had what it takes to write a full novel. She helped me immensely, and didn’t just made this book better – she made me a better writer. I hired another editor for proofreading, and all in all, between all the specialists that have worked with me on this book, I’ve spent a few dollars short of 3000.

That is the amount of investment that I put in my first novel. And now that this novel is ready, I’ve the jitters. There’s so much of my life in it, that of course I recommend anyone to read it. It is weird and funny and dark and deep, and it definitely doesn’t follow the usual cliches for novels. I’d love for you to read it, to love it, so much that you’ll want to come back and tell me you loved it, and want to read more of me, and talk about this to your friends and family, and say Hey have you seen this novel? It’s from an indie guy – yeah, it’s self-published! – No, it doesn’t suck, actually, it’s pretty good! – all of this, you know. I’ve learned myself that in this world, either you have a great budget for marketing (which I don’t), or you create something so spectacular that word of mouth itself will help you lift it up above the normal stuff.

So, Dead Men Naked will be out soon. You’ll be able to buy it soon. Paperback will be out very shortly, I think 3-4 days tops, depending on Amazon timelines. The eBook is scheduled for the 7th of May (but if you do buy the Paperback, the ebook version is free).

Thanks for listening.




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