John Skewes illustrated one of my stories.

The amazing John Skewes, Author/illustrator of the Larry Gets Lost children’s books, made a superb illustration for my short story Yet Another Zombie Apocalypse! You can read Yet Another Zombie Apocalypse for free on Trigger Warning Short fiction. And if you like my writing, consider buying my short story collection!

First review of OLDAZ on a Literary Magazine!

David Jensen over at Chantwood Magazine wrote a great review of my book “Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies“! You can download the free issue here. Some highlights from his review: “[…] a prevalent focus throughout the entirety of the collection: extraordinary events are quickly accepted as the norm; a moment of deep emotional isolation

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2017. Be happy.

2016 has been a good year. Yeah, I know. Plenty of musicians died. That sucks. But that’s also life, and it’s gonna happen more and more often – 2016 wasn’t special, we just notice it more because we’re one of the first generation that suffers from media over-exposure. So, buckle up, and use the time

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Pet Peeves.

I was gently invited to take part of this blog hop by Lynn Lamb, the author of the post-apocalyptic Survivor Diaries Series, The Oxymoron of Still Life, a Short Story Anthology, and Mechaniclism, an Apocalyptic~Horror Novella.  Pet Peeves. We all have them, and while they might be small annoyances as the saying suggests, they might have

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This is Anna

Originally posted on Getting Down with Noah!:
Anna is a beautiful, creative, funny, smart and artistic little girl. She is 8 years old, loves her family, her friends, clothes, dancing, music, dolls and art. She wants to be a fashion designer someday and is considering being an artist or writer on the side. She loves…

Sometimes it’s the little things.

Like this comment on my book “Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies”* from an Amazon Reviewer: “Sign out of Netflix, sit back, and devote an evening to this work of art” Thanks, Natasha. Truly.   — *you can buy OLDAZ from any major retailer, but here’s the Amazon link for your convenience: