Dead Men Naked

Dead Men Naked is the title of Dario’s debut novel, scheduled for release by the end of 2016. Here’s a little blurb for you.

Following the death of his beloved friend Neil by the hand of a 6-foot-giant bird, Louis Chip’s normal life will take a huge u-turn.

Haunted by the strange memories that led to the terrible event – made fuzzy by a slight Tequila addiction – Louis will discover that Neil is all but gone: albeit in ghostly form, his best friend is still here, and trying to establish communication.

Thanks to a fortunate encounter with Mallory, a self-proclaimed medium, Lou will manage to reconnect with Neil – and learn that his friend needs his help to leave this world.
But things will get complicated, to the point where Lou will be left alone to deal with Death.

His personal Death.
A skinny and tall and sarcastic one, which speaks with an accent and asks to be called “D”.

D will prove an entity less scary than thought, and will help Lou in his quest to save Neil – a search that will involve a good amount of road-tripping in the South-West of the United States, from dusty Interstates to lousy strip clubs, while discussing about Life, the Universe and Everything.

Will our improbable duo save Neil’s soul?
But more importantly: will Louis make peace with his own Death?

Dead Men Naked is a dark and edgy Literary Fiction Novel, which blends the best Neil Gaiman of American gods with the dry prose of Cormac McCarthy.

The tale is told from the point of view of Louis, the Main Character, in a flow-of-consciousness style that ranges from witty to humorous to poetic.
While the Supernatural elements provide space for humor and intrigue, the story is all about accepting our mortality and becoming owner of our lives.
And of course, about Love in all his forms – because without Love there is no meaning at all.

*”Dead Men Naked” is an homage to Dylan Thomas and his poem And Death Shall Have No Dominion.
Dylan Thomas rocks.

If you’re an agent and you’re interested in representing Dead Men Naked, contact me.

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