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A tequila-fueled night gone wrong. A mischievous woman with supernatural skills. And more importantly – Death himself as your friend.
A road trip filled with poetry and mystery.

About the book

After the sudden death of his best friend Neil, involving a 6-foot giant crow and quite some Tequila, Lou’s life takes an unexpected turn towards the impossible. 

As Lou discovers his unwelcome gift to see Neil’s ghost, he starts to question his sanity; but the real challenge is just coming up.

Mallory, a self-proclaimed medium, offers her services to help Neil pass over. Drunk on spirit, lust, and hope, Lou agrees to perform a ritual, which, unforeseen, leaves him alone to face death.

Not any death, but his personal one; a skinny, sarcastic anthropomorphic embodiment of his end-of-time which who? – goes by D.

Summoned during the ritual, D will help Lou in the search for Angelene, Mallory’s twin sister, the only clue to finding the medium-at-large, and reverse the ritual.

The strange duo begins a road trip from dusty interstates to lousy strip clubs, during which they’ll have time to know each other and discuss the meaning of life, love, and what does it mean to be mortal.

Will our unconventional couple find Angelene, and persuade her to help in the search for Mal? Will Lou be able to save his friend Neil, or his own soul for that matter?

But more importantly: will he make peace with his own Death?

DEAD MEN NAKED is Dario Cannizzaro’s debut novel. Narrated with the characteristic prose that differentiates Dario’s work – minimalistic at its core, but with incredibly powerful and lyrical flights of fancy – this modern and magical tale uses a touch of humor, philosophy, and poetry, to explore what it takes to accept our own mortality.

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About the author


Dario Cannizzaro was born in the sun-eaten Naples, Italy in 1982. He moved to Ireland in 2011, and has called it home ever since. He started writing short stories at seven, which are shamefully lost forever, but has never stopped writing since.

His short stories and poems have been published in Italian and English in Literary Magazines such as The Galway Review, Two Thousand Words, Chantwood Magazine, Trigger Warning Short Fiction. You can also read all of them in the collection “Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies”. 

Dead Men Naked is his first novel. The title is an homage to Dylan Thomas’ poem “And Death Shall Have No Dominion”.

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